Crank your stereo and lights all night long


SUMNER, Wash., — Torklift International released a product allowing customers to have spare battery power whether they want to run their speakers all night or they need to run their lights for some after hours work.
The HiddenPower is a battery mount that attaches underneath the truck body in order to house a spare battery. The battery is tied into the vehicle’s charging system to ensure the driver has a fully charged spare battery at all times.
“Auxiliary batteries were a huge add-on in truck accessory shops in the 60s, 70s and 80s back when it was easy to place an extra battery under the hood of your truck,” said Torklift International VP of Operations Jack Kay. “But as technology expanded for vehicles, more factory-installed products were placed under the hood of the truck resulting in less and less space. Now, there is no space under the hood. The space for the extra battery went away, but the need for the extra battery didn’t go away.”
The HiddenPower situates underneath the trucks cab or bed, has full ground clearance and drilling is not required.
“The HiddenPower is universal,” Kay added. “We find customers use them so they can run their stereos throughout the night on a camping trip, so they have an extra battery for their RV,work lights or other electric accessories in case they get stuck doing some work in the dark.
“It works with anything that’s going to use 12-volt power from a vehicle,” said Kay. “The most common uses are going to be for a stereo, or it could be a RV or construction-related where there are other electrical accessories involved. It can also be used for electronic equipment on the vehicle such as, lights, warning lights, accessories lights or anything that is going to create a draw on the vehicle’s 12-volt power system with the engine off to give an extended amount of time without impacting the starter battery on the vehicle.”
HiddenPower works with Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge trucks.
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Torklift International is a Sumner, Washington-based manufacturing company. They produce aftermarket parts for the RV and automotive industries. Products are backed by their legendary lifetime warranty and proudly made in the USA. Founder Jon Kay established Torklift International in Kent, Washington in 1976.