The “new kid on the block” has some strong muscle behind it. Autographics Toolbox, a software solution for window film and paint protection film (PPF) patterns, as well as vehicle templates, graphics and wraps, is powered by the leading software for signmaking, SAi Flexi™, a long-standing staple in the sign industry.

Harnessing the design capabilities of SAi Flexi™, Autographics Toolbox allows users to access thousands of patterns with a “buy once, own forever” pricing model, changing the dynamics in the window tint and paint protection film industries. “We feel the market is ready for a superior pattern system that opens up opportunities for more profits and more business”, said Steve Ball, Automotive Products Manager. “Autographics Toolbox offers a cost-effective solution and flexibility for restyling shops.”

Users will find greater opportunities to increase revenue by selling additional products and services on the vehicles in their shops. Utilizing existing equipment means this higher profit opportunity can be added to a shop without the additional expense of more equipment.

The software is subscription-based. For a low monthly fee with no contracts, no commitments, and a “cancel any time” policy, Autographics Toolbox gets results without big upfront costs. Users get a finished product in three easy steps: Purchase tint and PPF patterns, load the tint or PPF film of their choice and send the cut job through the software. Ball comments, “Autographics Toolbox does away with the problem that arises when only a single part of a vehicle is needed. There is no need to keep purchasing the same pattern over and over. Once a user purchases the pattern, they own it. They can use the whole pattern or components of it repeatedly.”

Autographics Toolbox features access to 23,000+ corporate logos which are completely scalable from toy truck to semi-trailer. In addition, there are 4,000+ vehicle templates to allow layout and design for graphics and lettering on vehicles. Also available are 1000+ high resolution images and backgrounds.

The paint protection film module includes patterns for vehicles as well as motorcycles. “Until now, many pattern providers ‘married’ customers to film purchases”, Ball observed. “Users have been tied to a complicated arrangement of ‘points’ or other methods which give them discounts on film purchases. Our system makes their lives easier because they are free to purchase film without strings attached. In addition, there may be times when one film is more desirable to use for an application than another. In those cases, since the user already owns the pattern, they can purchase whatever film is appropriate for the installation.”

There is another big advantage to using pattern programs for tint and PPF, according to Ball. “Users can get more vehicle applications out of a roll of film”, he stated. “This is accomplished through the software’s Nesting feature which makes it possible to fit all pieces in a smaller ‘footprint’ thereby saving film.”

Autographics Toolbox is being displayed in booth #13079, North Hall at the SEMA show. For more information visit