Digital Ally to Feature In-Car Video Recorders at 2013 SEMA Show


LENEXA, KS - (October 28, 2013) -- Digital Ally, Inc. (DGLY) announced today that its’ DVM-250 Digital Event Recorder will be featured at this year’s SEMA show, November 5-8. The video recording device, integrated into a replacement rear-view mirror, features road and driver-facing cameras, various automatic record triggers, and capturing of vehicle telematic and GPS data.

“This equipment is proving to be an extremely valuable asset for those charged with managing nearly any type of vehicle fleet” said John Rumage, Digital Ally’s Director of Commercial Sales. “Combined with our VuVault™ reporting and management software, users can easily collect and review any relevant video, on an in-house basis … with no contracts or on-going fees,” Rumage said.

The innovative high-resolution recording system additionally features 32GB of internal, solid state memory, up to 32GB of removable external memory, pre and post-event recording capability, along with various video retrieval methods.

“The real value to our users comes from improved safety through immediate driver feedback, greater control of vehicle operating and maintenance costs, and protection from potential litigation,” Rumage added.
Digital Ally’s fleet management tools, as well as other digital video products will be available for inspection at booth #30271 at the 2013 SEMA show from November 5th through 8th.