X-TREME GATE Truck Bed Extender to be sold on Amazon.com


Ed Beeman, the President and CEO of BR Marketing Group LLC, the company that brings you X-Treme Gate the Slide-out Truck Bed Extender, stated "We are pleaased to announce we have been selected as a Tier 1 vendor for Amazon.com for North America. Tier 1 means they will purchase X-Treme Gate units from us and stock the units in their regional warehouses. As the premier on line sales organization, Amazon.com has the "gold standard as to product requirements and distribution systems and we are proud that we have met their standards and have begun shipping X-Treme Gate units to their regional warehouses."

Ed went on to say "In addition, in the past few weeks, we have announced the completion of regional Representative Agreements for X-Treme Gate to be sold in all major areas of the US as well as all of Canada. This gives us tremendous momentum going into SEMA to sell into all major retail markets in the US and Canada. As these units show up on vehicles at the picnic grounds, the off road rallies and general work environments, it will stimulate the aftermarket and on-line demand for the best truck bed extender on the market."

Please visit our Booth #33301 at the end of the Upper South Hall directly across from the New Products Showcase area for a hands-on demonstration of X-Treme Gate and see why we say "Always with the truck, there when you need it, out of the way when you don't!"