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Improved operation of the petrol & diesel engine with a new technology


Increased performance

Improved fuel efficiency

Emission minimization

Easy installation

THE MATECHPOWER – The perfect solution to the cleaner world

• Size 1: Applicable for scooters and small engine vehicles
• Size 2: Applicable for motorbikes, cars, crossovers & SUVs, vans, boots,
• Size 3: Applicable for cars with supercharged engine, pickups, trucks, coach, commercial vehicles, tractor, yachts, ships, airplanes, diesel generators
• Size 4: Applicable for trucks, commercial vehicles, yachts, ships, airplanes, diesel generators, heavy machines

• The MatechPower regulates and polarizes the molecular structure of the fuel, so that the fuel homogeneously distributed in the combustion chamber, thus ensuring a perfect burn.
• Smoother flame is formed, by which the energy is delivered more efficiently, decreasing the piston vibration due to the combustion is improved in the combustion chamber, which is coke-free. The Matech Power reduces the fuel consumption, operating costs and emissions, so the use of your vehicle will become more economical and environmentally friendly.

• Benefits:
- Possibility of using lower octane, cheaper fuel
- Decreasing fuel consumption and emission output
- Termination of soot deposition
- Improving the combustion of fuel
- Elimination the vibration of pistons
- Increasing engine life and effective operation
- Facilitating the cold start of the engine
- Wear reduction of pistons and cylinder
- Reduction of temperature of the exhaust system
- Applicable for petrol and diesel engines too
- Unlimited lifetime
- Possibility of installation without disrupting of the fuel system

Installation: In the specified workshops only according to the type of vehicle in the right position