Mattei Air Compressors Inc., to introduce revolutionary new product at SEMA 2013


Baltimore, Maryland., Oct. 22, 2013—Mattei Compressors Inc., the North American arm of Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A., the leading global manufacturer of rotary vane air compressors, will introduce their newest series of compressors designed to provide small air users with the quality and durability legendary among larger compressed air users.

Nobody makes an air compressor like the BLADE, and there is no better venue to introduce Mattei’s latest product than at the 2013 SEMA Show.

Each BLADE features Mattei’s proprietary and unrivaled rotary VANE technology first introduced by this family owned business in 1958. BLADE Series is designed and priced around the needs of smaller air users yet it incorporates many of the same features found in Mattei’s legendary bigger industrial class machines.

Features like high quality Meehanite® iron blades that compress the air and are designed for 100,000 hours of operation, super slow rotational speeds unheard of in today’s world of high-speed rotary screw compressors, high capacity output generates more cfm to drive your air tools and paint needs while consuming less energy, with super quiet operation as compared to those noisy throw-away piston compressors or open screw compressors. Frankly, a Mattei air compressor just may be the last air compressor you’ll ever need to buy.

Available in 5 HP through 10 HP with pressures to 175 psi, base mount and air receiver tank mounted versions, each is housed in a super quiet powder coated stainless steel cabinet, and is designed to last longer than ANY rotary compressor on the market. And it won’t cost a fortune to buy or maintain either. BLADE is the ideal solution for small body shops, mechanical shops, tire shops, and small manufacturers.

What makes them so different is Mattei’s proprietary vane technology. These single-rotor airends rotate significantly slower than those rotary screw type compressors (as slow as 1,050 rpm vs 4,500 to 6,500 rpm) and our exclusive Meehanite ® blades slide frictionless on a thin film of oil to compress more air per revolution than any other compressor, which ensures super long life and complete reliability.

In addition, Mattei air compressors also have fewer moving parts and as the rotor runs on bushes with NO thrust forces to contend with as compared to those other rotary type compressors, a Mattei vane air end has a virtually unlimited life span.

Get your last air compressor first. Get a Mattei.

Visit Mattei Compressors in the North Hall, “Tools & Equipment” New Members Section, Booth 16007 where you can see, touch and hear a 10 HP, BLADE 7 compressor in operation.

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About Mattei Compressors Inc.
Among the most energy efficient air and gas compressors in the world, Mattei Compressor customers include collision repair distributors, body shops, industrial air users, onboard transit air applications and natural and methane gas compression. Mattei Compressor, Inc. is located in Baltimore. Maryland, and offers a full line of fixed speed and variable speed air compressors, 3 HP thru 250 HP, which are sold thru a network of distributors in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. Among the most energy efficient compressors on the market, Mattei Air Compressors excel in industrial and collision repair applications, among others where energy costs, reliability, and clean dry air are critical.

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