innovative smooth car door closer Slamstop now in USA


After several exhibitions recently in Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan, SLAMSTOP Team presenting newly launched product to USA automotive market at “Sema Show” 2013, 5-8 November in Las Vegas.
It’s an innovative door retracting system for smooth and noiseless automatic closing of car doors (both front and back). SLAMSTOP catches even a slightly closed door elegantly and pulls it to the completely closed position, so you don’t need to apply force.
No more vicious slamming! SLAMSTOP will naturally blend with your personal space for maximum comfort. Enjoy the silence and save your nerves and let SLAMSTOP take care about the doors of your beloved car.
The system is compatible with various types of doors in cars of any class, regardless of age and model. What used to be a privilege of luxury car owners is now available to anyone who cares about their car. Minivan owners can also enjoy the silence as universal SLAMSTOP system is compatible with sliding doors. Installing the device does not require any external changes in the car and does not involve changes in other components and mechanisms.
You can have SLAMSTOP installed at the nearest car service center and it shouldn’t take more time than watching your favorite movie. SLAMSTOP doesn’t change the look and performance of your car. Its powered by your car’s 12V DC electrical system.
SLAMSTOP complies with all relevant international standards and has been tested for 30,000 cycles preserving operation in a temperature range of -40 to +85 ° C.
Forget worrying about the doors not being fully closed when driving with a child, an elderly person or a fellow passenger who might have failed to fully close the door after getting in.
Enjoy the silence with your beloved car!
The price will be available closer to automobile owners a wide target audience and will be open to 23 countries worldwide