VialleUSA Launches LPG/Autogas Conversions


VialleUSA recently joined SEMA. We are bringing to the Americas Vialle’s 45 year successful track record of alternative energy technology and the experience from a 33% market penetration in the conversion of vehicles to use Autogas. We are currently establishing training facilities for installers and will be contracting with interested parties to franchise distribution, sales and servicing to individual consumers and fleet operators.

There are huge benefits to be derived by resellers from this dynamic growth market with end users receiving significant cost savings in fuel expenses with an environmentally friendly option to using gasoline, while the installer makes substantial profits from this line of business.
Vialle was established in 1967 in Europe and is the worldwide leader in the research, development and marketing of alternative automotive fuel systems with over 2 million LPG installations to date. Vialle developed and patented the LPG liquid injection system – LPi. Instead of propane being delivered in the vapor form, the inlet manifold injects it in liquid form. One advantage so derived is improved control of the fuel injection, which results in improved performance and optimum combustion.

The Liquefied Petroleum gas injection system (LPi) can be deployed in modern direct injection, lean burn and turbo engines. A wide range of retrofit kits are available for 4 to 8 cylinders vehicles. All of the engine’s original characteristics are completely preserved because the liquefied petroleum gas system does not interfere with the vehicles’ original gasoline engine computer. This allows for each and every one of the vehicles’ original characteristics to be retained.

With a Vialle system, converted vehicles can still use the gasoline mode when running out of LPG. Fuel type may be switched via a selector on the dashboard. The engine switches automatically to gasoline once the LPG tank is nearly empty and warns the driver with an audible alert.

The additional benefits of an installed Vialle system include:
• Saves money every time you fill up
• Subsidized installations and fuel rebates in most markets
• Green technology substantially lessens emissions
• Decreased wear on engine due to clean fuel
• Maintenance free
• 36 Month / 60,000 Mile warranty

Headquartered in Stuart, Florida VialleUSA is the exclusive licensee and distributor for Vialle products in North America, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

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