Mantic clutch releases 9000 Series twin disc kits for the 2013 Camaro.


Mantic clutch releases 9000 Series twin disc kits for the 2013 Camaro.

Following on from the success of the 9000 Series twin disc kits for the Corvette, Mantic announces the release of the 2013 Camaro range.

This kit follows the Mantic philosophy that the “direct fit” kit should be able to go straight in to a vehicle, without the need to measure anything, to set up the clutch to fit it.

The new Camaro kit also features a new flywheel design to match the fine tolerances that the Mantic range is manufactured to.

“This flywheel features a new machined drive block locator groove, special weight revisions for smoother driving operation, and an integral ring gear,” Chris Astbury, Mantic Sales Manager said.

“We are offering the new flywheel as standard in our organic disc kits, because the extra weight offers a smoother driving experience, especially where a big camshaft is fitted to the car.”

“Of course, we still pack the lighter flywheels in the higher performance kits”, he said.

The Camaro 9000 Series kits also has all the proven quality, features and benefits of the rest of the Mantic range, including:

• Direct fit kits, straight remove & replace. No measuring / adjustments required..
• Modular alloy billet cover design.
• 1040 billet steel pressure plate / intermediate plate.
• 9 in diameter twin disc kits.
• Optional organic, sprung cerametallic , solid cerametallic, button discs
• 9000 Series features spring clips on the intermediate plate to minimize noise normally associated with multi disc clutch designs, and an especially important issue with multi disc, street driven clutches.
• Optional HD diaphragms available for big HP engines.
• Torque Drive capability up to 1010 ft lbs (1365Nm) depending on disc / cover combination.
• ISO9001 certified
• SFI (USA) competition and track certified

Mantic distributor in California, Ryne Cunningham (Cunningham Motorsports) fitted one of the new Camaro kits for Power Auto Media (LSX TV). To see the article go to:

Installing a Mantic 9000 HD Clutch in a 2013 1LE Camaro - LSXTV

For more information contact Mantic Engineering at

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