Truck bumpers come alive with BumperShellz - Durable, customizable protective covers feature backlighting to promote your message


NEWCASTLE, Calif. – Every day, pickup truck bumpers take a beating as they are exposed to all types of wear and tear from weather, rocks, road salt and the like. Now, ecoological, a California-based company devoted to creating simple, functional and environmentally responsible solutions to common automotive problems, has developed a durable cover that not only protects the bumper, but can be customized and backlit with any color or design desired.
BumperShellz™ consist of a cover made from a recycled thermoplastic that is formed to fit over the exposed steel truck bumper like a protective shell. The shells are wrapped with a high quality, decorative film and can be easily installed over the existing bumper. The cover allows the truck owner to create a customized look for his or her bumper, with the customer’s choice of carbon fiber, camouflage, black out, or many other colors and patterns.
In addition to the unique customization, BumperShellz™ provide added protection from rock impingement, abrasions and other light impacts. For bumpers with small dents, dings, or rust, BumperShellz™ are designed to completely cover the damage to give the bumper a like-new appearance, similar to the way new siding improves the look of a weathered house.
Want to brighten your bumper? BumperShellz™ also provide an industry-first ability to backlight images, logos or messages on a truck’s rear bumper by utilizing an advanced electro-luminescent light panel technology with the available “BriteShellz™” option. BriteShellz™ shine brilliantly in the dark and provide a great new mobile advertising space for businesses.
BumperShellz™ are perfect for do-it-yourselfers and professional vehicle customizers, with easy installation and the ability to integrate with an overall customization theme.
Innovative ecoological recently began manufacturing BumperShellz™ for the rear bumpers of the 2007-2012 GM Silverado and Sierra LD and HD models, the 2008-2013 Ford F150, and 2009-2014 Ram trucks, with other models soon to follow.
Learn more about BumperShellz™ at New local retailers and installers are being added to our network rapidly, so please check our website for a retailer near you.
Visit us at SEMA 2013 in the Trucks, SUVs, and Off-road section, booth #37063, located in the upper south hall to see first-hand this really innovative and enlightening technology.
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