The World's First Environment-Friendly Engine Carbon Cleaning System


With more than one million carbon cleaning procedures to date, EPOCH has successfully developed and introduced the most environment-friend engine carbon cleaning system that harnesses the power of oxygen and hydrogen. By simply connecting our machines to your vehicle's engine, this 40-minute procedure provides immediate results in eliminating carbon deposits inside your engine. Lowering emission, restoring horsepower ans torque, reducing fristion and optimizing fuel ecomony. This might just be the most effective and affordable way to ensure your engines run at peak efficiency for extended periods of time. The savings at the pump will pay for the service. For professional, this is an extremely profitable way to bring added value to your customers. Backed by a multimillion dollar liability policy, it is hard to beat. Immediate and long-lasting results; simple and easy to do; with the cost of consumables per vehicle at less than 50 cents. This will work on any engine size and configuration; both gasoline and diesel. Come to booth 50704 and check it out.