rx-Torque Box for the Off Road Race Community


Torque Trends, Inc. proudly debuts their first new product, the "rx-Torque Box", into the Off Road Racing community. This bullet proof high torque rated reduction gear box was designed for Off Road Race Trucks that are running a 9" or smaller ring gear rear differential. The company also makes a similar reduction gear box for both 4x2 and 4x4 on road Lifted Big Tire Trucks and is currently working on a transmission replacement gear box for the ev-Conversion market. All units are based on a simple but strong and fully rollerized compound planetary gear set.

The rx-Torque Box can be seen in the New Products section and with several other models in the Torque Trends, Inc. booth # 32263, not far from the New Products section on the upper floor of South Hall. Torque Trends, Inc. is equally excited about rolling out their "Dealer Developed - Dealer Support Program" a program every shop that touches drivelines is sure to appreciate. For more information visit their booth # 32263 and or visit their website at www.torquetrends.com

Note: Pictures are not being released at this time. The rx-Torque Box will be seen for the first time at the SEMA show.