powered by Nimbo LLC. Presents (SVR) Stolen Vehicle Recovery Asset Protection System

Share powered by Nimbo LLC would officially like to announce our New Product Release "(SVR) Stolen Vehicle Recovery" Asset Protection System. Vehicle theft is a common occurrence across the United States. On average, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds. This means over 700,000 vehicles are stolen annually.

Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems virtually eliminate the hassle if your vehicle has been stolen. Anyone who has ever experienced having their vehicle stolen has either dealt with out of pocket insurance deductibles, or even potentially higher insurance premiums, along with stolen valuables left in the vehicle and the potential for identity theft.

By utilizing today’s latest interfaced GPS/Cellular Technologies, we have been able to achieve dramatic advancements over traditional ground based stolen vehicle recovery systems that have limited coverage and rely on weak radio signals. Instead we are proudly able to offer a more robust Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

With our SVR System you can expect 24/7/365 Full Nationwide Coverage with Dedicated SVR Specialists only a phone call away. Using Custom Software with Google Earth our SVR Specialists are able to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle and notify the local authority for you. The Recovery process of your vehicle could start soon after the vehicle was stolen.

With NO monthly, annual, activation, or maintenance fees and the potential for eligible insurance discounts our systems has been admired by many consumers and business that want the satisfaction of knowing that their vehicle(s) are protected 24/7/365 should it be stolen.

What makes this system more robust than any other Stolen Vehicle Recovery System on the market is that our SVR System is using GPS technology to locate the vehicle and is completely upgradeable. We are able to remotely upgrade our Stolen Vehicle Recovery System to our Hybrid "SELECT" System over the air, even if the device is already installed in the vehicle.

Imagine having 24/7/365 Full Nationwide Coverage for Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance PLUS Family Safety, Roadside Assistance, Concierge Services, & much more. The Hybrid “SELECT” System truly offers an All-In-One Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind protection plan for you and your loved ones, making this system the perfect solution for Stolen Vehicle Recovery + Family Member Safety.

With the Hybrid “SELECT” System you are able to take advantage of access to Real-Time GPS Tracking and Historical Reporting from any computer or mobile device using our Custom Software with Google Earth. Also available for download is the mobile app for the iPhone or iPad.

With the Hybrid “SELECT” System you are able to access via the internet and receive via email and/or SMS text message live information such as: Tow Potential Theft Alerts, Safety Boundaries (Geofences) Alerts, Speed Alerts, Low Battery Alerts, State Boundary Alerts, Off Hour Alerts, Tow Potential Theft Alerts, 5min Bread Crumb Trail Tracking and Locate On Demand.

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