Britemax Iron Max - The King of Iron Removers!


Britemax IRON MAX is a gentle but extremely effective cleaner and iron remover that is safe to use on bodywork and all types of painted, alloy, anodized, clear coated, chrome, aluminium and stainless steel wheels.

With IRON MAX you can clean & decontaminate with confidence. IRON MAX removes road grime, oil, dirt and iron deposits from bodywork and wheels. Stubborn brake dust is removed with ease.

IRON MAX contains no acids or caustic chemical and is the safer way to work. Suitable for use on classic and modern vehicles, bikes, trucks, 4x4, sports cars and race cars. Watch IRON MAX at work, spray on clear and see it turns a reddish purple as the fast working color change formula gets to work removing iron dust particles and vehicle grime.

Our handy 24oz spray bottles contains ample product to deep clean & decontaminate four wheels and bodywork of even the largest vehicles. Also available in 1 US gallon sizes.

Iron Max has won the Iron Remover mini test against CarPRO’s Iron X LS in October's Auto Express magazine. Auto Express testers preferred not just the performance of Iron Max but also remarked on the better smell, performance of the spray head & the more economical bottle size rating Iron Max a full 5 stars!

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