LS S.O.S.(Sultans Of Spark) Coils


Performance Distributors(Davis Unified Ignition) introduces the LS S.O.S.(Sultans Of
Spark) ignition coils for LS applications! The new technology in these coils allow you to open up
your plug gaps to .065” burning your fuel more completely leading to more power and performance.
These Davis Unified Ignition S.O.S. coils produce 28,000 volts under load, or your acceleration phase
compared to the stock 21,000. That’s 7000 more volts under load per coil, which is a whopping
56,000 Volts more over a stock ignition per engine! Compatible with flash devices and programmers.
Superior thermal epoxy leads to improved heat transfer and vibration resistance. Years in the making,
the S.O.S. coils are designed with
enhanced windings, and mount in the oem location. The additional energy produced results in
quicker starting, and a smoother idle. Instant throttle response is there when you “step on it.”
Brass towers resists corrosion and has excellent conduction properties. For more information,
contact Performance Distributors, 2699 Barris Dr., Memphis, TN 38132, (901)396-5782,,