New Product The Fuely to Debut at 2013 SEMA Show

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After five years of solid research, development and testing, NS Products will introduce The Fuely, a standalone portable auxiliary fuel supply unit, at the 2013 SEMA Show. Positioned in the Tools and Equipment section of North Hall in booth #10486, The Fuely and its creator and company owner, Frank Docheff, is excited to bring a tool that provides a solution to typical issues surrounding the diagnoses and moving of vehicles that are not properly receiving fuel.

The Fuely is a complete unit that comes with all of the required components including multiple fittings to adapt to any vehicle. The tool is powered by two options, a direct connection to the vehicle battery or by an adapter which plugs into the cigarette lighter. The Fuely unit has a half-gallon fuel capacity and conveniently hangs on the driver side window when in use. The unit has an adjustable fuel pressure regulator as it delivers fuel to the vehicle’s motor.

As a Cornwell tools dealer, Docheff initially devised The Fuely based on his experience of being called upon by mechanics when a disabled vehicle needed to be moved from a parking lot to inside the shop bay. Docheff recalls, “I noticed that mechanics had a lot of down time when trying to find someone to help them move a vehicle. On top of that, moving a disabled vehicle also increases the chances of incurring damage as the usual functions of power steering and braking are also disabled, therefore making its move that much more difficult.” Soon after testing The Fuely with several contacts within the auto industry, Docheff quickly realized that the product had many more benefits than its initial reason for creation.
The Fuely is a go-to product for the following scenarios:

• To avoid misdiagnosing a vehicle – The Fuely helps determine whether a fuel pressure regulator or a fuel pump is faulty.

• To aid in moving a disabled vehicle easily and safely into the shop bay.

• To be a cost-saver for an auto repair shop by reducing the likelihood of damage when moving a disabled vehicle.

• To aid in disabled off-road vehicles that need to move to more stable terrain where there is tow access.

Entered into the SEMA Show’s New Product Showcase, Docheff looks forward to introducing a product that provides a solution to the internal combustion engine industry that will increase productivity and reduce damage liability. With over 15 years as an aviation engine mechanic and now 15 years as a tools dealer, Docheff has designed a product that isn’t overly complicated yet is created by a mechanic for mechanics. For more info on The Fuely, contact Frank Docheff of NS Products at (970) 218-3555.