App-Tronics releases the much anticipated SmartNav 5 one touch 5" captive rearview mirror with GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, DVR just for starters and the Stealth Interceptor 2300is integrated radar laser diffusing system that can be installed in under two hours


App-Tronics is proud to offer two distinct products that were designed from experiences with integrated radar laser diffusing systems and aftermarket all in one GPS rearview mirror technology while working in auto dealership service. Over 2 years in development, with continued improvement being applied even in the last week of production runs.

First, The Stealth Interceptor 2300is was designed to take away all the financial burden, installation process, and product durability issues that come with the current available products. While going above and beyond customer expectations.

The Stealth Interceptor system comes with the NDR-23, which is a GPS driving recorder (DVR ), that protects you from insurance trouble, including accidental liability, vandalism, and speeding tickets. We encased all the interior components into one. The GPS antenna, DVR, control panel, display, speaker and warning system, can now fit into the palm of your hand. It can be hardwired in, plugged into vehicles power outlet or you can use its rechargeable battery and be taken with you. It receives warnings wirelessly from the Radar(X, K, KA, KU) dialed into the set frequencies used by law enforcement to reduce false alerts and receives signals from the super-high-power diode laser diffusers that work against variable pulse rate(VPR) laser guns, such as LTI TrueCAM.

We have also developed a distributor kit that allows our distributors to collect pulse from new laser guns. It can then be included in our firmware updates. Our laser diffusers are completely encased not to allow water to penetrate their casing. Stopping any possible corrosion from ever taking place. Any freezing climate or areas which use road salt quickly destroy the circuit boards. Both the Radar and Laser diffusers plug into the power supply which needs to be installed in front of the vehicles radiator. It in turn transmits warnings wirelessly to the NDR-23 which also warns driver of upcoming speed traps and red light cameras, updates available twice a year from our own directional database. The engine components are installed with just 2 wires, as well as the NDR-23. No more labor intense hours to install, drilling into firewall. Plus you can now remove and install in your new vehicle easily.

What once took 5-7 hours now takes 1.5 or less, and connection points placed for easy replacement parts from such things as front end collision damage. Please visit our website links below. It is the new benchmark in integrated systems. With all FCC verification and filed patents.

By supplying competitive pricing, faster install and unmatched warranty along with better performing laser diffuser and radar detector with DVR continuous recorder. App-Tronics has succeeded in representing the consumer and distributors with an integrated system that will have continued long lasting success in the retail and distribution markets.

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The SmartNav 5 is the first truly captive all in one rearview mirror. That gives you GPS navigation turn by turn directions from Copilot. DVR continuous recorder with its own SD card which preloads ADR player for computer downloading, reverse HD camera, Bluetooth 4.0 with smartphone music integration directed thru vehicles audio system either by FM transmitter or 3/8 audio jack, built in moderate radar with K and KA bands, red light and speed trap database again from our own directional database, Music and video players, and photo viewer uploaded from one of its two micro 32GB SD card slots. Again all on a 5" captive one touch screen, with OEM mounting. Finally setting an impossible bar to reach that will ensure SmartNav 5’s longevity as the best application rearview mirror on the market, with its updatable interface. No more split screen, giving factory appearance on a standard size rearview mirror. Dealers receive matching vehicle warranty up to 5 years. When registered online.

Imagine offering your customers factory upgrades for GPS, Bluetooth and rearview camera better than any factory mirror that comes on or can be added on vehicles today. Imagine all the avenues for SmartNav. We designed SmartNav with one goal in mind, perfection. Please visit our staff at this year’s SEMA convention. Seeing the SmartNav up close and in person will truly show the dedication from App-Tronic’s owner to their technicians. The sales staff can further enlighten our potential buyers to the business model that is the driving force to bring back quality products with unmatched warranty. Without losing customer service and satisfaction
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App-Tronics motto “Details on their own mean little, together they mean everything” is how this company was started. Seeing that every effort for perfecting every aspect of the products use and performance was never sacrificed for financial gain. When you see the SmartNav 5 for the first time, you will appreciate the dedication the staff of App-Tronics has continued to give. The SmartNav 5 is the benchmark of application rearview mirrors. That will never be challenged.

Along with Stealth Interceptor 2300is’s construction, unmatched performance, the complete simplicity of installation and replacement parts. Continuous DVR recording brings so much to help your customers know they are receiving the best radar laser diffusing integrated system available on the market today. At a price that makes sense.

Thank you for your time, if you have any further questions or wish to setup a meeting while at SEMA please contact us at the information below.


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