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Most Innovative Solution for Wire/Cable Management in Years

Mag Daddy™ (Mag Daddy LLC.) has utilized the same Ultra-Strong magnets used in the Aerospace, and Automotive Industries for the first ever high quality Wire/Cable Management solution. A Mag Daddy™ magnet easily sticks through oil, grease, paint, and dirt. After placing a Mag Daddy™ Fastener onto a thick piece of steel, i.e. I-Beam, you would almost swear it was welded on! Solutions to securing carpet, door panel and headliners with the Glue Daddy.

Mag Daddy™ Fasteners are quickly gaining acceptance, and are being used in securing hanging wires under dash and under the hood, Low Voltage cabling, Temporary Wiring, Air Hoses, Wires along Panel Boxes for that clean finish, holding down Hydraulic lines, and inside various products of manufacturers.

Cable Daddy’s, use a claw like snap to secure the wires. Simply press the wires in between the plastic holder, and your wires will be secured. Have you ever forgot to add a wire or added a wire that wasn’t supposed to be there, and results in lots of wasted time cutting zip ties and retying them up? With the Cable Daddy’s simply snap in additional wires or take out unneeded wires.
All of the Mag Daddy™ fasteners are enabled to spin around 360 degrees. It has provided a nice benefit in case you secure your mount in the wrong direction. Mag Daddy™ fasteners hold up very well to various temperature extremes. You may find more information about Mag Daddy™ Fasteners at 847-719-5600