CSF Radiators introduces "THE WORKS" 2.0 - World's 1st "drop-in fit" all-aluminum full curved core motorcycle radiator for the Yamaha R-1 (09+)


The Racing & High Performance Division of CSF, Inc. is proud to introduce "THE WORKS" version 2.0.

CSF has taken its 65+ years of cooling system manufacturing and heat transfer knowledge to the forefront of the motorcycle cooling industry with it's new Yamaha R-1 motorcyle radiator(2009+). This unique, 1 piece, trapezoidal, full core, all-aluminum racing radiator has been in development for 3 years with the help of both Yamaha North America and legendary Yamaha factory racing team, Graves Motorsports (CA, USA). This radiator tackels the well known over-heating issue involved with the top-of-the-line Yamaha motorcycle, and an upgraded radiator has always been integral component for track riders, endurance racers, or street tuners with advanced modifications. Unfortuanelty, until now, these European built radiators were hard to source and extremely expensive, limiting the accessability to the broader Yamaha R-1 motorcycle community. CSF has listed a ground breaking and industry shattering retail price of: $1499 with supplies regularly available throough motorcycle distributors across North America.

Each radiator features CSF's industry leading "B-Tube" technology for approximately 15% better radiator core cooling efficiency then other aftermarket manufactures, and is hand welded by an expert staff of Japanese trained welders. Each radiator comes complete with a high pressure radiator cap and front-wheel rock guard. To top it off, each radiator is polished by hand for 1 hour to achieve CSF's special "Show-Stopper" mirror finish. CSF's version 2.0 radiator also includes the ability to use OE fans to eliminate any chance of overheating for street riders who get caught in traffic or heat soak conditions. Cooling temperatures have been stabilized within the range of 167-195 degrees Fahrenheit, even under the most extreme driving conditions and ambient temperatures.

CSF is a 4th generation, family owned, ISO 9001 certified, true radiator manufacture which leads the North American OE replacement market with sales topping 650,000 units in 2012. With an unrivaled passion for cooling system innovation and the high performance industry, the 4th generation of CSF introduce the Racing & High Performance Division at the 2010 SEMA show, embarking on the challenging journey to create and build the world's best Racing & High Performance Radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers for vehicles, trucks, and motorcycle applications.

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