A New Abrasive Blasting Machine Can Strip a Car in Only 2 Hours


Traditional abrasive blasting requires expensive containment, and yields only marginal productivity. A company in Houston, Texas however, claims to have changed that with a new type of abrasive blasting system they call the Dustless Blaster.
This system combines water, abrasive and a rust inhibitor inside the blast tank. By adding water, the mass and energy output of the machine is significantly increased. In addition to removing even the thickest paint, rust, body filler and even undercoating faster than traditional blasting can, it also produces no dust plume. “Imagine throwing a handful of wet sand versus a handful of dry sand, the wet sand hits harder but doesn’t scatter everywhere.” Says MMlJ’s president, Benny LeCompte.
MMLJ says they’re now shipping out about 100 machines per month as people find they can be more productive and profitable with the Dustless Blaster. “It’s no mystery why it’s grown so incredibly popular” says MMLJ’s Zach McAllister, “it solves all the problems of sand and soda blasting.” Not only does the tool not create a plume of dust, but it also decreases friction and heat which means it won’t warp metal. This fact has made it the perfect tool for body shops and auto restorers. MMLJ Inc. says a typical car can be completely stripped in about 2 hours.
MMLJ has been manufacturing blast equipment for over 70 years, and they say this is the biggest advancement in abrasive blasting technology in over 60 years.