[VisionDrive] Safe driving partner, Car DVR (Car Black Box) 2CH recording in Clear image


GeoCross Company, the official partner of GM Korea is a leading manufacturer and exporter of VisionDrive premium car black boxes, which feature high definition (HD) video cameras, optional infrared (IR) rear cameras and Full high definition (FHD).
We are established in 2008 and we have developed only this car black box market ever since. This means that it was almost first time for car black box to be placed on the market 5 years ago already so we could have accumulate unbeatable skills for this new and growing market. But we are still trying to fulfill market demand in real time with our own R&D center. Hope we have more reliable worldwide partnerships.

The purpose of car black box (Car DVR, In-vehicle recorder) is to act as a witness to a motor vehicle accident .
The VisionDrive automatic black box stores past driving events in high quality video with GPS information such as location, time, speed, and direction at the time of an accident and then stores spot sensor data analyses. In the case of reckless acceleration, braking, or turning, the VisionDrive car black box warns the driver. The value is that this can lead to safer driving habits and fewer motor vehicle accidents.

VisionDrive (the brand name of Car DVR) has LCD screen to check videos currently recording. Users can save time to argue on the street showing proof of who's fault is through the LCD screen.
VisionDrive stores driving data in SD Memory card. It can be used up to 64GB. GPS receiver and G-sensor are built-in. Our products support all the time recording so when the car is parked it detects movements around and records lively in order to make the analysis of the videos easier. We provide dedicated analysis program called VD analyzer. It has patented ability to make the recorded videos sharper and/or brighter to analyze them accurately.