Seeways: Vision361 All-Around View Mobil System


Vision 361 was developed by Seeways Technology Inc. with its own Algorithms and IPs to make this a complete and perfect system solution for AVMS (All-Around View Mobil System).

Vision 361 system can accept four camera images from vehicle front/rear/left/right camera. By Seeways’s own patent pending technologies of Fisheye Lens Distortion Correction (LDC), Keystone Correction, 4-Region Exposure Equalization, No Gap Stitching, and dynamic OSD parking guideline, Vision361 system can deliver the best quality of image with least distortion around view of the vehicle.

By adopting Seeways’s Vision361 hardwire solution chip sets which can deliver the minimum time delay to make it be able to process 4 input camera images in real time to output one no-gap stitched image to allow drivers be able to oversee the area around the car to make it safe driving experience.