50 Below, an ARI Company, Unveils Dealer Website Platform Upgrades at SEMA


Award-winning Dealer Website Upgrade
Stop by to see firsthand how our latest release can help you Sell More Stuff!™. We’ve been hard at work adding enhancements and new features to meet the specific needs of automotive tire and wheel dealers.

Upgraded Features and Functionality include:
• Search Engine Visibility
ARI has enhanced the search engine optimization capabilities to ensure that your website is found by search engines, including Google and Bing, to drive more qualified traffic to your site. Our expanded, built-in tools make sure your website includes content that is fully indexed, uses search-friendly URLs, specific page titles, META descriptions and keyword tags and is fully compliant with SEO practices.
• New ARI-Powered User Tools Increase Service Department Revenue
Power User Tools now enable independent tire and wheel dealers to upsell additional products and services to buyers. When a consumer adds tire installation to the shopping cart, dealers now have the option to display additional services and add-ons at MSRP or special pricing.
• Services Added to Instant Search Results Increase Quotes
The frequently-used Instant Search bar quickly displays a complete list of services available and takes buyers directly to the appropriate page for more information based on their selection.
• Enhanced Tire Information Improves Consumer Shopping Experience
ARI has taken the mystery out of industry-standard tire codes, including speed rating and load index. Consumer-friendly descriptions make it easier for consumers to select the best tire or wheel for their vehicle.
• Empowering Consumers on Mobile Devices to Research and Buy Online
ARI expanded the website platform’s mobile compatibility to include real-time pricing by location, browsing services by location, and the ability to either schedule an appointment or request a quote by phone or online.
• New Quote and Service Request Options Make it Easier for Consumers to Request More Information
Enhanced quote and service forms display real-time pricing for tires, wheels and installation, as applicable, and automatically add all of the pertinent vehicle fitment data to the service request. Additionally, consumers can schedule service and request quotes directly from the shopping cart. Both enhancements are designed to reduce the amount of information consumers are required to enter manually, and increase quote and service requests.
• Powerful Tire and Wheel Comparison and Packaging Options Generate More Sales
An enhanced vehicle look-up option enables consumers to quickly find and compare wheels and tires for their car, truck, or SUV. The new “Wheels to Fit” and “Tires to Fit” options make it easier for consumers to custom-bundle products. Additionally, dealers are able to feature their most profitable brands to their consumers with smart website management tools, resulting in higher quote values and greater revenue per sale.