Powersports Dealers Invited to Learn More About Segway’s Off-Road x2 PT

The powersports market is continually introducing new products that meet the needs of thrill seeking and recreational riders alike. To leverage that growth, Segway is exhibiting at SEMA 2013 and inviting powersports dealers to learn more about its synergistic off-road PT, the Segway x2, and consider adding it to the product lines they carry.

“The Segway® PT is a one of kind, internationally recognized personal transportation solution. Powersports product lines are innovative, sometimes electric and boast features, performance and quality,” said Rod Keller, President, Segway Inc. “Segway and powersports dealers are both experts in moving people from point A to point B in a performance driven, explorative, safe and fun way. Joining forces will offer customers a green, electric, off-road option and undoubtedly breed retail success.”

The Segway PT is a self-balancing, electric transportation device that features redundant safety systems and is ideal for trips that are too far to walk and too short to drive. The PT’s five micro-machined gyroscopes and two accelerometers sense the changing terrain and the rider’s body position at 100 times per second – faster than your brain can think!

The Segway x2 PT model allows riders to enjoy the road less traveled. It is rugged, tough and travels up to 12 mi/19 km off-road on a single charge. In addition, it weighs only 120 pounds and has lift handles, which makes it portable and easy to transport. Even more importantly, trained riders can traverse a wide variety of challenging terrain including dirt, gravel, grass and sand because the x2 features a wider track to maximize stability as well as higher clearance and deeply treaded, low pressure tires to ensure a safer off-road experience.

The Segway PT’s InfoKey™ is a wireless device that controls the unit and provides real-time information on battery life, speed and system performance as well as arms the PT’s built-in security feature. It docks on the PT’s frame or can be carried with you. The PT’s unique LeanSteer™ frame allows the rider to simply lean right or left and travel in that direction, while its zero turning radius allows for pivoting within a shoulder width footprint – a feature that literally no other solution can claim. The Segway PT is personal transportation designed to change the way you work, play and live.

Did you know that the Segway PT:
• travels seamlessly both indoors, outdoors and off-road
• weighs 110 to 120 lbs. and is portable
• reaches speeds of up to 12.5 mph/20kph
• features a true zero turning radius
• delivers energy efficiency equivalent to 450 miles per gallon for just 10¢ per kWh

Leverage the synergies between market-leading powersports products and the Segway PT:
• Well known, quality made and serviceable
• Off-road performance and safety features
• Wider track design maximizes stability as well as clearance on rugged terrain
• Deeply treaded, low pressure tires assist riders with safer maneuvering
• Versatile handling by trained riders on off-road terrain including dirt, gravel, grass and sand
• Exhilarating, adventurous and fun!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Segway x2 and how to add it to the product lines your dealership carries, please visit us at Booth #38037 in Powersports and Utility Vehicles, e-mail us at or call Gerri Moriarty at 603.222.6032.

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