RUPES BIGFOOT: 1 STEP Random Orbital Polishing System


The innovative polishing system designed by RUPES S.p.A. is a revolutionary new method that reduces polishing time and creates a hologram-free surface.
Compared to traditional polishing systems, which include multiple steps of cutting, polishing and hologram removal, the BigFoot® simplifies the working process by combining all three actions into just a single step.
This system, composed of the innovative LHR21ES BigFoot random orbital polisher combined with the RUPES polishing foams and compounds, is creating a dramatic change in body shop polishing.
What are the main advantages?
The new BigFoot polishers are amazing tools that enable customers to obtain excellent results with a time saving up to 50%. Technicians using the Bigfoot system use fewer steps, less time, less compound and generate greater profits.
Thanks to innovative design and technology, the new random orbital polishers by RUPES are more energy efficient compared to traditional polishers, producing energy savings of up to 50%.

A real innovation: NO HOLOGRAMS!
By definition, holograms are the marks produced by traditional rotary polishers. The new BigFoot system eliminates holograms and makes it possible to achieve excellent results in only one step.
Polishing has always been considered an operation that requires experience and skills. Typically, the lack of appropriate training results in damaged surfaces and the compromised edges and sharp corners. RUPES has eliminated these risks with BigFoot, a random orbital polisher that enables even novice operators to achieve professional results.

No holograms with a superior finish.
The goal of polishers has always been to achieve two results: gloss and colour depth. In designing its polishers, RUPES has taken these requirements into account to allow operators to achieve unique and extraordinary results.
These new polishers stand out due to their accuracy and ease of use, enabling the technician to obtain high quality results with less fatigue and maximum control of the machine.
These are not the only main features of the new system. Another important problem that BigFoot solves is surface overheating. The random orbital movement and technical features of BigFoot maintain the surface temperature at a level that eliminates the risk of “burning” the clear coat.

Innovative features
When performance and comfort are the main considerations, BigFoot is the clear market leader and its impressive features benefit both professional and non-professional technicians.

Rupes aggressively designed user comfort into the BigFoot. Consider the following:
• The ability to achieve excellent results in just one step drastically reduces operator time and significantly limits fatigue issues.
• The unique design gives BigFoot improved leverage and stability while offering a lightweight and durable tool.
• The low profile of the design allows the tool to fit into tight area, giving BigFoot a high degree of maneuverability.
• The variable speed trigger allows the operator to find the proper rpm level for the individual task.
The dazzling finish that everyone wants to achieve from the polishing step has never been so easy to realize!

BigFoot is so well balanced that the operator can easily control it with just one hand. Many random orbital polishers have excessive vibration that affects both the operator’s control of the tool and the surface finish. Now there is no need to worry about either-BigFoot solves both issues through its unique design features.

A new way to operate.
The BigFoot system introduces a brand new polishing approach, where unique design and technology guarantee a professional result side by side with the greatest user comfort possible.
With the new RUPES BigFoot random orbital system the future will always “shine”!