Have you noticed a shift in the car audio industry? MC LAREN SOUND SYSTEMS has, come visit us and let's share thoughts!


Doral, FL ( July 30, 2013) - Mc Laren Sound Systems (www.mclarenaudio.com)

For the last 3 years or so, car audio enthusiasts have been "shifting gears" on some of the products they use to customize the sound in their vehicles. Most brands were skeptical about this trend moving forward and gaining momentum for different reasons, but we decided to support our customer’s requests from day one.

The trend? - Using 8 Ohms speakers in a typical 4 Ohms system. - As simple as it may sound there are several factors that were affected by this trend. To start with, we have seen a demand for 0.5 Ohm stable amplifiers to power 8 Ohms midrange or mid-bass loudspeakers and the incorporation of 8 Ohms drivers used in Pro Audio enclosures, just to name a few.

The reason? In our opinion, car audio enthusiasts are seeking the full spectrum of frequencies that were not able to find using the woofers, tweeters and coaxials alone.

For the customer looking for SQL and not only SPL, this trend we believe will last. That is why Mc Laren Sound Systems (www.mclarenaudio.com) offers a wide range of 8 Ohms loudspeakers dedicated to this segment and these will be displayed at the show.

Come visit us at SEMA show during Nov 5 to Nov 8, 2013.

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