Cloud-Rider's New Long Mud Flap, The 2 in 1 Mud Flap, Works as a Fender Flare and Mud Flap all in 1


This innovative mud flap is made from our Fusion Bonded rubber that has been tried and tested for many years on our Fusion Bonded line of mud flaps and has stood up to just about anything they can throw at it. We know this will be a long life mud flap on any vehicle you put it on and whatever you do to it. Will fit just about any fender as it has score marks to cut it to most lengths. It is available with a stainless steel insert or without for those who like the blacked out look. DON'T let you customers get caught and fined with their wheel sticking out past the fender on their truck, sell them our Flared Fusion Bond Long Flap and it will help cover that issue for them. This product is so knew you need to check it out on Facebook