Pro Comp Introduces Lift Shield - 5 year / 60,000 mile Powertrain Warranty


Choose Pro Comp and get the ultimate protection for your investment.
Pro Comp has just announced Lift Shield, the new 5 year / 60,000 mile Powertrain Warranty available on Pro Comp’s most popular late model suspension systems. This new warranty is the first of it’s kind in the off road industry and is included for Free on qualifying systems.

This unprecedented new warranty goes beyond the usual product warranty and actually protects the vehicle it is installed on. Customers can choose Pro Comp suspension systems with total confidence because Lift Shield covers their vehicles powertrain for the duration of the factory 5 year/60,000 mile warranty. If the vehicle has a powertrain issue in the first 5 years or 60,000 miles of service (whichever comes first), Lift Shield covers the cost of parts and repairs in the event that the dealer denies warranty coverage. Best of all, it is included for FREE. There is no extra charge for the added warranty protection. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Pro Comp is able to offer this type of warranty because of the extensive testing, development and quality manufacturing that goes into each suspension system offered. No other manufacturer offers a warranty that delivers this much protection. For a complete listing of systems covered by Pro Comp Lift Shield and warranty details visit