CAR BENCH AMERICA is introducing the CAR BENCH REVOLUTION SYSTEM for blueprinting and structural repair of virtually all light trucks and cars sold in North America


Car Bench has been known world wide as the leader for structural repair and prototyping with the Car Bench 3D universal multi point anchoring and holding system which has more OEM approvals then any ohter system. The Car Bench Universal system with state of the art laser measuring for blueprinting and repair, provides one technician the ability to postion fixtures at the precise location with intelligent targets tha eliminate the need to monitor the screen and perform repair with out further measuring, once the fixtures are positioned.
The same laser measuring can also be used on a two posts lifts(self leveling) or frame rack with 1MM tolerance over 40ft for blueprinting (15min) or repair (no need to recalibrate). For estimates the technician can provide pictures, video and live video with access to any wireless database to determine needs of the actual repair. Self-diagnostics for remote diagnostics and overnight parts exchange.
Revolution is the approved solution on GM, Chyrsler and SPX programs
"Built on a Car Bench, Repaired on a Car Bench"