3D scanning technology - Taking aftermarket manufactures to a new level


With the SEMA Show being the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, Rapid Scan 3D had the pleasure exibiting this year showing of 3D scanning technology. This amazing 3D scanning technology is being used for inspecting parts and reverse engineering. Many aftermarket companies were not aware of these type of 3D scanning tools. How does a company know they are desgning and manufacturing good parts? The answer is to use a 3D scanner to collect accurate data of the real part. The next step is being able to analyze that part against the CAD drawing. By using special 3D software you are able to compare the data and see if there is any deviation on your manufactured part. Why is this good? You are able to know if the part is wrong within seconds, less faulty parts and also bering able to get your part to the market faster. The flip side of what Rapid Scan 3D was able to show is Reverse Engineering. Ever want to change a stock part to make it more powerful? We all do right! 3D scanning will let you take an OEM part and take it into a CAD software where engineers are able to manipulate the data so that they can create aftermarket parts accurate, affordable and more efficent.

Rapid Scan 3D provides its clients with the most uptodate 3D scannning technology. If you have questions please feel free to contact them.

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