Detailing Made Simple


Detailing Made Simple®
Many car care brands in the market confuse consumers and intimidate them. Why are there so many degreasers? Why are there so many polishes? So many compounds? 3D Says, it doesn't have to be. In the past, traditional car care products were designed for a single function. Wheel cleaners cleaned only wheels. Polishing compounds cut away paint defects, but do not finish with a high gloss shine. As a result of their single use function, traditional car care products create a lot of waste, and waste results in pollution (not to mention added expense). What gave 3D its competitive edge is that unlike its competitors, 3D has made their mission "Detailing Made Simple"®. For example in paint correction, while others use in three chemicals HD uses it two, with HD® Cut and HD® Polish.

3D has always kept a small variety of products designed to tackle various tasks. Every High Definition Car Care product is designed for multiple tasks. For example, our All Purpose automotive cleaner works as well on tires and wheels as it does on fine leather. Likewise, our polishes and compounds work on paint, clear plastic, and metal; treating each surface with the care needed to restore a like-new appearance. Best of all, High Definition Car Care achieves its multi-use capabilities without sacrificing performance or damaging delicate finishes. We achieve premium results through better science and engineering, not with more products and a larger carbon footprint. 3D's competitors could learn a lot from their smaller thinking!

Not only is 3D simplifying the detailing industry, but also they are creating innovative products. "No research goes unfinished. We are constantly improving our existing products and keeping tabs on future trends and government requirements. While government regulations may say to change products by a certain date we have already changed them years before they were mandated to do so. Like what? The California Resource Board mandated that companies reduce VOC levels by 2005, 3D had already begun this transition in 2000. Now we’re doing it again being green is not required, but guess what our products are! With a condensed line of products users do not need to buy an endless amount of products, rather only what they need." Says Tunch Goren, CEO of 3D International LLC.

3D International LLC-Located in 20724 Centre Pointe Pkwy, Unit 1. Santa Clarita, CA 91350. Has been manufacturing car care products for over two decades. A well recognized supplier of their two brands, 3D Products and High Definition Car Care for dealerships, detailers, body shops, and high end