JDM Sport Is Featuring Their New Coilover Systems. Constructed With The Aspect Of Their Users; Street, Drift, Track, Autocross




Automotive culture has many facets but all share one common denominator, tuning your suspension for the perfect drive.

This can be achieved in the most basic ways such as springs or coilovers. Springs are nice and affordable but limited to the right stiffness, the right ride height, or possibly placing too much stress on your factory/aftermarket struts. Then you have coilovers, with coilovers, you gain abilities to lower your vehicle to desired height, adjusting your dampening to acheive the soft or harder ride quality, and the choice of stiffening the vehicle's ride.

Coming this 2012-2013, there's a secret weapon among some of So Cal’s finest tuners, The JDM Sport Coilover System. This suspension system couples the best of both worlds without the risk of a failed component.

The JDM Sport Coilover System is the brainchild of JDM Sport located in Industry, CA, it can be mated to fit the widest variety of applications on
the market. From Imports and Euros to Exotics and Trucks/SUVs, its applications know no limits.

The system is built with a twin tubing technology for quality gas distribution towards the vehicle's dampening. The actual housing itself is constructed of high grade hard steel with forged billet top hats which ensures quality over quantity and duration of life span of the product. JDM Sport Coilovers offers a 32-way adjustment easily located on the top hat of the system which allows the user to tune the dampening and rebound on their suspension. To ensure the longevity of the ride, each spring is sprung out of SAE-9254 Cold-Wound Steel, which is tested for compression before being put on the coilover system.

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