HushMat Launches Interactive Merchandising Displays


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HushMat Launches Interactive Merchandising Displays

Olathe, Kansas October 30, 2012 HushMat® – HushMat & Avidworx introduces the state of the art Interactive automotive and truck sound deadening & thermal insulation merchandising displays at SEMA 2012. Customers can experience “with the push of a button” the tremendous value that HushMat automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material provides when installed in their vehicle.

HushMat’s Founder, Tim McCarthy introduced the interactive merchandising displays at SEMA 2012 to provide retail automotive parts stores, speed shops, car audio dealers and upholstery shops the ability to demonstrate both the acoustic improvement when HushMat is installed and also the thermal insulation value HushMat provides. “The interactive display allows consumers to see, hear and feel for themselves the tremendous improvement in drive and audible quality HushMat makes in their vehicle.”McCarthy stated. “We needed to address a tremendous problem in the automotive aftermarket industry. The days of a parts catalog doing most if not all the retail selling are over. Consumers desire an experience when shopping for automotive parts. Interactive merchandising is the future and HushMat & Avidworx have pulled that forward to today!” added McCarthy. “HushMat has partnered with Avidworx and can’t be more impressed with the design and delivered quality of these displays”, McCarthy added. Companies have attempted to solve this complex problem but have failed. HushMat & Avidworx are the first to succeed!

HushMat/Avidworx displays can be either floor standing (M-1) or bolted to the wall (M-2).

HushMat®, rated #1 automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material, is the easiest to install, highest performing available to automotive enthusiasts. HushMat® Ultra, a thermal insulating and sound deadening material, is easily applied to the sheet metal, plastic or fiberglass surface surrounding the interior of the vehicle reduces interior noise and heat making the vehicle ride more comfortable. HushMat® is the only automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material made in the USA!

For more information about HushMat®, please visit SEMA Booth # 22988, or call (913) 599-2600. For information on Avidworx visit or call (604) 696-2843