A New "Green" Profit Center For Rust Control & > Paint Protection


CounterAct is a small electronic control about the size of a pack of cigarettes that can be fitted underneath a car’s hood and powered off the battery. The device inhibits rust and actually reduces the undercutting of paint nicks and scratches thus protecting both the vehicle’s body from rust and preserving the paint job at the same time. The device can be installed in a short time (15-45 minutes) without the need for special tools or equipment so that it may be marketed as both a store-installed device or as a “DIY off the shelf” product for the average consumer.

The device is US made and has a 20-year history of success in many applications from salt mining and beach patrol vehicles to government snowplows and the US military. Users include the US National Park Service, various state DOTs, the US Coast Guard and Air force Reserve as well as the Toronto Transit Commission in Canada.

In addition to passenger cars and trucks, CounterAct makes devices for a variety of applications including aircraft, boat trailers, boats and watercraft, golf carts and heavy equipment. CounterAct is currently introducing a line of devices specifically for sale and installation by franchised automobile and truck dealers which are truly green producing no VOCs or heavy metals requiring no MSDS or environmental paperwork and requiring no dedicated bays or special tools. These products are not only environmentally friendly but customer friendly and a profitable and painless installation for the selling agent.