Prestolite Performance launches Lakewood Evolution Suspension System

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CLEVELAND – Prestolite Performance, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of auto racing, performance and appearance products, is proud to announce the launch of the Lakewood Evolution, a bolt-on and adjustable suspension system.

The Lakewood Evolution Suspension System is designed for late-model Mustangs (2005-13), and offers the ability to adjust from street to drag to auto cross in one vehicle.

“We have found that customers want that type of adjustability,” said Jeremy Weilnau, Lakewood Industries product manager. “Everyone from the professional racer to the everyday Mustang enthusiast will enjoy having the ability to control the road like never before with the Lakewood Evolution.”

Following its debut at SEMA Show 2012 in Las Vegas, the Lakewood Evolution Suspension System is scheduled to hit shelves in the first half of 2013.
To accommodate a variety of price points, it will be offered in the following three packages. (Parts are also sold separately.)

- Reduced wheel hop
- Polyurethane bushings reduce unwanted suspension travel while maintaining isolation
- Includes braces to increase frame stiffness
- All rear control arms are adjustable in length to accommodate lowered suspensions

- PTFE-lined heim joints replace polyurethane bushings to further reduce unwanted travel while maintaining free range of motion
- Front and rear fully adjustable coil-over conversion kits with independent adjustments for compression and rebound damping
- A watts link replaces the panhard bar to provide truly vertical rear suspension travel

- Reduce lap times by 1.3 seconds during road racing testing
- Includes relocation brackets for the rear upper and lower control arms
- Longer rear upper control arm and torque arm are also included in addition to the OEM length rear upper control arm to increase suspension adjustment options
- Torsion bar-style stabilizer bars with multiple mounting holes for varied vehicle roll stiffness replace the OEM type tubular bars
- The splined ends on the torsion-style stabilizer bars also allow preloading the bar by changing the arm attachment angle
- High-strength bump-steer toe links are included to correct steering geometry for those using the coil-over kit to lower their vehicle

The Lakewood Evolution Suspension System will be available at Lakewood Industries’ premier dealer locations. For a list of dealers, visit: | | #controltheroad

For more information on the Lakewood Evolution Suspension System or to schedule an interview, contact Tom Valentino or 888-321-8422.

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