The Science Of Lighting From Baja Designs


The mad scientists at Baja Designs have been working hard to bring you some great new Made in America LED lights. You may have heard the “buzz” about BDs new OnX LED light bars, head scientist Alan Roach says “finally, an LED light bar that has the distance of an 8” HID with the smooth spread of an LED”. These are the light bars that Baja Designs racers have been excitedly testing and they are all saying the same thing: “this LED light bar really gets out there and it’s small enough to significantly reduce wind drag!”. The OnX will be sold in 8” increments ranging from 8” all the way to 51” and packing 3600 lumens per 8” section.

If you’re looking for the guaranteed farthest projecting LED light on the market, look no further. On the other hand, if you need a light that will fit in the smallest of spaces, then you should check out the new SII LED light. This 3”x1.75” light produces 1,800 lumens and will outshine any other 2, 3 or 4 LED auxiliary light on the market. Not only that, but its small size means it can be mounted virtually anywhere. Check them out on the beautiful 25 hour GTM Super Car that will be in our booth.

Stop by booth #23333 in the central Racing and Performance hall to see these lights along with our new Camo and Marine White versions of our LED lights. Just look for the guys in the white lab coats that can explain “The science of lighting tm” that lies behind LED technology and light patterns. Our lab techs will also tell you all about our fantastic show specials for new and returning customers.