More Exotic Woods in the 2013 Bed Wood and Parts, LLC Lineup


Hopkinsville, Kentucky U.S.A. October 18, 2012—
BedWood for Trucks, the #1 source of show quality custom manufactured wooden truck bed parts and accessories offers additional exotic woods to the selection of over 40 species previously available.

Install sophisticated show quality bed wood from BedWood for Trucks© in your pickup truck and give your new or classic truck a facelift. Take a look at the details of the newest wood species for 2013 in the paragraphs below!

Northern White Pine:
Northern White Pine possesses a mixed broad to very fine tight grain, and is straw to tan in color. It is known for its’ dimensional stability, strength, and light weight characteristics. During the age of the sail, Northern White Pine was the wood of choice for the sail masts in the British Royal Fleet. Today, due to its diverse properties, it is used for products ranging from exterior millwork to utility poles to pattern making. Northern White Pine offers an economical bed wood set for those on a tight budget, and it is far superior to the southern yellow pine bed wood currently on the market.

Amazique is an African hardwood very closely related to Bubinga. It has similar cell structure and working properties, but glows with a deep yellowish brown with possible greens and blacks and at times is seemingly backlit with streaks of light coming from within. Whether from within the wood or the person gazing at it is the real mystery here. Long considered a great furniture and cabinet wood, in modern times Amazique has become popular for acoustic guitar backs and sides, in which it is generally referred to as Ovangkol.

PNG Walnut:
The prized heartwood of PNG Walnut is typically wavy grained with dark grey to black bands or fine streaks standing out from the paler colored & lustrous background. The dark bands form irregular concentric circles in the log. It has a moderately coarse texture and is used primarily for fine furniture, joinery, and flooring.

Narra is a great South African hardwood that has yet to really catch on in the U.S. It generally has a mixture of yellow or reddish heartwood, and takes a beautiful polish. It is used extensively in other parts of the world for home interiors, flooring, boats, and musical instrument parts.

Also known as African Cherry, Makore is from West Africa, has a pinkish red heartwood color that sometimes appears reddish brown in some boards, so you will see a variety of hues within each board. This species finishes beautifully when oiled or cleared. It is very hard, yet can be brought to a fine polished finish. Makore is used for fine furniture, wood turnings, cabinets, boatbuilding, and architectural millwork.
Get the ultimate in truck parts and an upgrade in style from your choice of over 40 exotic and domestic woods. You can further personalize your truck bed with a selection of five styles of bed strips, four of which have hidden fasteners. BedWood for Trucks©, the perfectionist’s choice.

About BedWood and Parts LLC:
Opening in 2006, BedWood and Parts is the result of Jeff Major’s inability to find quality wood bed components for a truck restoration. Today BedWood manufactures and sells the highest quality wooden bed kits available in 40 species of wood for trucks, SUV’s, and station wagons from 1917 to today and distributes its products globally. These kits are complemented with available custom bed rails, fuel doors, tie down rings, and wood finishing products. Proudly made with care in Kentucky, USA where product craftsmanship, quality, and durability are part of the culture. For more information please visit the firm’s website at