HP ThermaSkin - Sprayable heat shield coating by Heatshield Products


HP ThermaSkin is a premixed composite consisting of microscopic air filled beads. These precisely manufactured beads are held in suspension by a proprietary high-grade latex acrylic emulsion. This combination yields a lightweight, pliable product, which expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied. Two standard coats (15 mil ea.) will yield an R12 equivalent insulation value.

HP ThermaSkin is highly water resistant and the materials resistance to water may be improved by applying a layer of clear coat or paint. HP ThermaSkin may also be sanded if necessary.

HP ThermaSkin is suitable for just about any insulating application. Typical automotive applications include treatment of the firewall, floor pan and the underside of the roof. HP ThermaSkin may also be used to coat the outside of air intake pipes to help maintain a cool charge.

HP ThermaSkin is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. Using two 15-mil applications of HP ThermaSkin, one gallon will cover approximately 40 square feet.