db Skin - Sprayable sound dampener


db Skin™ is a water-based, sprayable, vibration damping compound that has been engineered to damp vibration by converting it into low level-heat. The special silica-mica and ceramic components create friction when vibration occurs. db Skin™ allows you to cover large surface areas very quickly when using a “shutz” spray gun. When the product is wet, it is purple.

As it cures, it will change to black. db Skin™ is also used to improve the performance of speaker enclosures of all types, and is commonly used on the inside of outer body panels. In wood enclosures, the db Skin™ will soak into the wood and seal up the pores, seams, and gaps between the panels. db Skin™ will also damp fiberglass and plastic enclosures extremely well. The db Skin™, when cured, creates an impedance mismatch that results in an increase in overall output by 1 to 1.5 db.

No special tools are required to install db Skin™, however, a “shutz” spray gun will save a large amount of install time. db Skin™ may also be applied with a paint brush or roller. db Skin™ cleans up easily with warm water.