Detail your vehicle like a professional with the new Solution Finish Do-It-Yourself Kits !


Solution Finish proudly introduces their Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit at SEMA 2012. "Our DIY Kits contain everything you need to completely restore faded, oxidized black trim to a better than new, long-lasting finish without that wet look," said Chris West, CEO and founder of Solution Finish, LLC. "We're excited to offer a package that allows users to detail their vehicles just like the professionals."

The Solution Finish DIY Kit includes a bottle of Solution Finish, a bottle of cleaning solution, detailing brush, microfiber pads, detailing towel, latex gloves and detailed instruction guide. Convenient, cost-effective and easy to use, it's perfect for car enthusiasts who demand only the best.

"We launched our original product, Solution Finish Brings Black Back, at SEMA
last year and the response has been incredible," noted West. "What makes Solution Finish unique is that our formula combines ancient ingredients with advanced polymer technology to actually restore -- not just cover -- oxidized trim," he continued. Solution Finish is silicone-free, solvent-based and no masking is required. It is professionally formulated to provide a spectacular, long-lasting finish that dries quickly with no greasy residue.


For more information, please visit the web site at, or call Mr. West @ 714-423-2370.