Aria Tools introduces....The Ultimate Coupler.


Aria Tools, Inc is founded with a vision to manufacture and distribute a comprehensive line of highest-grade Air Tool Accessories. Best quality, affordable price, increasing productivity are our promise to customers.

Our newly designed unique high-end air coupler line is our core group of products built with a true understanding of the needs of our customers. From industrial to automotive to laboratory work, the range of applications is wide.

Designed entirely in-house, our couplers permit airflow to be up to twice the standard couplers. Our key innovation is our specially designed locking and release mechanism that is extremely easy to operate, even with one hand, when the unit is pressurized.

The construction is tight and sound, providing a distinct snug feel when the coupler is locked and unlocked. This is tangible proof that you are using a top quality product. You have to feel it to believe it!
The couplers are available in two versions: Universal and High Flow (both with male and female connectors).

The following features make them unsurpassed in the industry

1. Break-through design.


The valve adapter design increases the smooth dynamic airflow rate and thereby provides a large volume of air for greater efficiency.
The concentric release ring design facilitates easy engagement and disengagement.
The finely crafted spring loaded quick release mechanism prevents foreign material from clogging the release ring to air coupler interface.

2. CNC machine manufacturing.


Provides precise close tolerance construction.
Prevents leaks, which is the most common problem that users face.
Provides a smooth and elegant surface so that your tools will look good and work well.

3. Stainless steel construction


Strong enough to survive in extremely harsh environments.
Durable and maintenance free.
Eliminates internal rust and corrosion that can contaminate the airflow and cause damage to tools.