The Next Generation '67 CRC Corvette by Classic Reflection Coachworks


In 1994 the first prototype was started on a C4 Corvette. The concept was very unique and many inquiries came in on how to purchase the car. The interest sparked a parallel project which started with a C5 (and now C6)

Inspired by the classic Corvette and using advanced technology, CRC transforms your C5 or C6 roadster into a modern LEGEND. High temp vacuum molds and a balanced carbon system create a show quality car that can be used as an everyday driver.

The CRC body is made from SPRINT CBS (carbon balanced system) a unique composite material by Gurit, also used by Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley and Ferrari. The composite is shipped to our shop frozen from the UK.
It consists of 3 materials, carbon fiber, precatalysed resin, and E-glass that are all rolled together.
Unlike conventional prepregs, SPRINT fibers remain dry and uninfused by the resin until the curing process. This gives the materials their outstanding breathability, high strength and achieves autoclave quality laminates from vacuum bag processing. Prior to the CBS being laid in, a surfacing material is placed in the mold. This surfacer, along with the DuPont paint system, virtually eliminates any pattern bleed through on the outer surface, ensuring a superior finish.

Through the popularity of the '62 CRC came the '58 CRC and now the long awaited '67 CRC has arrived! Although the finalities are still in design and mold cutting phases still in progress come see the half scale model in booth #24379 in Restoration Marketplace.