SEMA company awarded best new product licenses winning technology to automotive OEM

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Synapse Engineering began its history with SEMA by displaying in only a 10x10 booth in Central Hall, and winning Best New Product in that same humble display. Press release below:

San Diego Tech Firm's Patent Goes Global Through Licensing Deal

Synapse Engineering's actuator technology to improve automotive performance, reliability

San Diego- Synapse Engineering, a Sorrento Valley-based firm, has signed a licensing agreement with Dayco Products LLC, to allow Dayco to use its patented technology to manufacture parts for the global automotive market.

Synapse holds a patent on the design of “Synchronic” actuators, which directs and controls pressure in mechanical devices, from car engines to shock absorbers to water pressure valves. Simple actuators are found in everything from the hydraulic tube that prevents a screen door from slamming to controlling pressure release valves in industrial applications. Synchronic actuators offer greatly reduced response times and their advanced design creates more reliable functionality.

In the automotive arena, Synchronic actuators can help cars run quieter, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The actuator will be used initially in turbo chargers, emissions control and other vehicle engine systems.

Dayco, based in Troy, Michigan, is a leader in the research, design, manufacture and distribution of a broad range of belts, tensioners, dampers, pulleys and other products for the automotive, heavy duty truck, construction, agricultural and industrial markets. Under its licensing agreement with Synapse, Dayco plans to create a new division of its company, which will manufacture valves and actuators for sale to car and truck makers around the world.

“The licensing agreement with Dayco validates the benefits and value proposition our actuators bring to the automotive industry,” said Peter Medina, president and CEO of Synapse Engineering. “Ultimately, this technology can have a major impact in a variety of industries, from energy to healthcare to manufacturing.”

Dayco expects the licensing agreement to produce strong additions to its product portfolio.

“Our company has carefully researched the Synapse technology, and we have determined it has great potential in the world automotive industry. Our research and development teams will be using this technology to create automotive components for use in new cars and trucks both in the U.S. and in international markets,” said Garry Haubenreich, Dayco Director N.A. Light Duty Sales and Global Key Account Director.

“Synapse Engineering’s patented technology redesigns the basic geometry of the actuator, which has been used for more than a century in a variety of different types of mechanical devices,” said Medina. The traditional actuator design uses a two-surface piston or diaphragm that converts air or fluid pressure into a force that pushes the piston in one of two opposing directions. Synapse has developed a four-surface actuator that improves precision, speed and efficiency in systems in which it is incorporated.

About Synapse Engineering:
Synapse Engineering was founded in 1999 to address specific product needs in the automotive performance and racing aftermarket. By 2002, the company had developed its Synchronic technology leading to a patent for the technology from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2005. In addition to procuring licensing agreements for its technology, Synapse manufactures a line of turbocharger control products for the performance motorsports industry. Founder, president and CEO Peter Medina began modifying import performance cars as a UC San Diego undergraduate in the mid ‘90s. By the middle of his senior year he launched Fmax Fabrication to design and manufacture one of the first truly reliable bolt-on aftermarket turbo kits for sport compact cars. This company was later sold to a major turbocharger manufacturer. Synapse Engineering is focused on developing intellectual property and solutions that can be applied across industries. The company is based in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego. For more information, visit