"Re-inventing the Wheel" (Bead Lock Wheel that is) The EKLIPSE 17 by B.A.D. Wheels Inc.


After more than five years of development Bead Assist Device Wheels Incorporated (B.A.D. Wheels Inc.) is proud to introduce a new bead lock wheel – the Eklipse 17. This all new design is a heavy duty one-piece wheel that merges a traditional six-spoke design with a unique DOT compliant internal locking device.

The 17x10-inch package appears particularly potent for the 38 to 42 inch tire crowd. By placing the clamping device within the air chamber, the beadlock interface is maintenance-free and no longer vulnerable to damage from rocks and other obstacles. Even with zero PSI and high lateral force the patented internal bead locking system maintains the mechanical connection between tire and wheel. Eklipse 17 comes standard with dual air ports and Rapid Air Deflators for blazing-fast air downs. Thanks to an extra deep drop center assembling the bead locking device can be done with ease. Eklipse 17 is a unique approach to the bead lock wheel design that simplifies assembly, eliminates maintenance, and improves safety.

Made entirely in the USA, the Eklipse 17 is available in all popular lug patterns.