PowerSheen Tire Brite and PowerSheen Plastic Renu at SEMA 2012


PowerSheen Tire Brite - a water based tire coating - no silicone. Lasts for months and months. Dry to the touch.

For years tires had to be covered with silicone tire shine which left oily and dirty surfaces. Now, car enthusiasts are excited and happy with PowerSheen Tire Brite.

Tire Brite is a two-step process which involves a cleaning process to remove all silicone off the tire followed by a thin application of the coating. Just a single coat will do the job unless a higher shine is desired. Then just apply thin coats until you create the shine you want.

Users all over the nation have applied PowerSheen Tire Brite with much success and stand by its claim to last for months and detract brake dust and other contaminants. The coating also protects tires from UV rays and preserves the tire rather than seeping into the rubber. Once one has used the PowerSheen Cleaner/Prep and removed all the silicone off their tires, and applies Tire Brite coating, enjoys a shine that lasts through the winter months and eliminates the weekly dressings.

Motorhome and RV enthusiasts are also pleased with the product as they spend a great deal on tires as the sun bakes the silicone into the rubber. With PowerSheen Tire Brite a motorhome owner has only to coat the tires once every 4 months as the coating protects from sun and weather.
PowerSheen has also released a sister product PowerSheen Plastic Renu. This is a similar product that restores bumpers and side view mirrors to a brand new look. Plastic Renu works great on color engrained hard plastic surfaces, and lasts up to 1 year.

Stop by our SEMA Show Booth 12851 for more information on both products.
These products can be ordered directly at www.powersheen.com and shipped within 2 days.