Grillie's Popularity Runs On All Cylinders With Distinctive, Appealing Auto Grille Ornaments


BARRINGTON, R.I - Grillie, the trend-setting maker of beautiful auto grille ornaments available at, is revved up to meet the increasing interest and sales to drivers who put their passions up front.

Designed by skilled artisans, each Grillie is a genuine masterpiece in miniature that every car and truck owner would display proudly. Whatever the owner is passionate about, there is probably a Grillie that will reflect their special, personal interest.

Grillie's cover a wide range of interests in categories that include hobbies, seashore, dog and cats, southwestern, occupations, equestrian sports, religious, sportsman's/wildlife, and others. With a broad array of subjects to select from, it's no wonder Grillie's are quickly becoming a featured part of the automotive accessory scene.

The detail that goes into the design of Grillie grille ornaments is truly impressive. Cast in solid metal and given a protective finish that stands up to the elements, each Grillie has its own distinctive character.

With 254 million registered motor vehicles across the country, the market for the company's attractive Grillie ornaments is enormous. Keeping up with the growing, year round demand is a pleasant passion for Rick Gauntlett, founder and president of Grillie.

"It's gratifying to known that Grillie is finding its way from a niche business into the mainstream of car owners," said the company's founder and president, Richard Gauntlett. "We are pleased that see things are really starting to take off for the Grillie brand."

Gauntlett pointed out that for most cars and trucks, it's easy to install Grillies. It takes only a few minutes and everything you will need is probably in your toolbox. Installation is really not difficult at all and complete instructions are available online, including a demonstration video.

There's a Grillie in the company's collection that will appeal to virtually everyone. From the lighthouse, to the cowboy boots, and the collie to the striped bass, there is truly something that will appeal to just about every driver.

Grillies' make great gifts for car owners to give to friends and relatives, and to purchase for themselves. It's all about being up front and putting your passion forward with Grillie.

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