Rigid Industries LED Grilles


Brand New from Rigid Industries, LED Grilles. Rigid has combined the aftermarket grille with integrated forward LED lighting, a first in the automotive industry. Each LED Grille by Rigid Industries consists of two parts laser cut out of 304 Stainless Steel. The mesh --no wire mesh used here-- with tabs for the lights and tabs for mounting into the factory grille shell are part of the original piece of steel. There’s zero welding. The outer trim hides the tabs and trims out the mesh.
LED Grilles by Rigid Industries receive the same Satin Black powder coat treatment as our lighting for a seamless look then bolted together with stainless steel button socket head bolts and lock nuts. All mounting hardware is also included. limited Lifetime warranty. Covers available to meet applicable state regs. Manufactured 100% in the US. www.rigidindustries.com