High Tech Clean Room Technology Keeps Paints Clean and Bright for Months



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Bonding Solutions Introduces Clean Room Technology To Reduce Dirt In The Paint Booth

Salt Lake City, UT 10/10/12 – Bonding Solutions has introduced the Like90 Clean Booth System™. Using high tech clean room technology, the Clean Booth System keeps paint booths clean and bright for months. It protects paint booth surfaces against overspray and greatly reduces airborne particles and paint contamination. The system includes White Out ™ Booth Coating for walls, Clear View™ Coating for windows and lights, Particle Control Spray and Active Mat™, a chemically-activated floor scrim that traps dirt and overspray.

Dirty, overspray-covered walls reduce and distort the lighting needed for quality paintwork. White Out can be sprayed over dirty walls without having to pre-clean or paint. It forms a bright white film that provides optimal booth lighting and makes the booth look like new. Unlike dirt collecting films and tacking coatings, White Out forms a dry, smooth film that dirt won’t cling to. Instead of collecting dirt on walls where it can easily break-off and get into your paintwork, White Out lets the booth’s filtration system remove contaminants from the booth. White Out protects for six months and can be easily peeled off even after 500 bake cycles. Between replacements, White Out can be touched-up to hide overspray. Like90 Clear View Transparent Coating is used for booth windows and lights.

Like90 Active Mat is a nonwoven scrim for booth floors. Designed to be coated daily with Like90 Particle Control Spray, Active Mat attracts and traps dirt and overspray. When Active Mat reaches its absorption capacity, it is easily rolled up and replaced with a new Active Mat.

According to Bill Kernahan, Bonding Solutions’ Marketing Manager, paint booths are like high tech clean rooms where keeping dirt off the walls and out of the air are critical. “Our coatings make walls slick so dirt and over- spray can be evacuated through the booth’s filter system or trapped within the Active Mat.” said Kernahan. “And because White Out can be applied over dirty walls you can get a like-new booth in just a couple of hours with no downtime.” Demonstrations will be given throughout the SEMA show (N. Hall, Booth 10855).

About Bonding Solutions
Bonding Solutions provides innovative high performance products to the collision repair industry throughout North America. To learn more about Bonding Solutions visit www.Like90.net or Booth 10855 (North Hall) at SEMA 2012 in Las Vegas.