Kenny Brown GT-4RS Super Mustang Featured in Dynapack Dynamometer Exhibit at 2012 SEMA Trade Show

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Wauconda, IL – Dynapack Dynamometers has chosen the newest of fabled Kenny Brown Mustangs, the GT-4RS, to match state of the art chassis dyno technology with equal automotive and racing technology. Always a crowd pleaser that garners considerable media attention, the new GT-4RS super-tuner Mustang can be seen at Booth #20671 in the Racing & Performance area, located in the northeast section of central hall.

After a six year medical hiatus Kenny Brown is back building best-in-class Mustangs and is introducing his new GT-4 Series Mustangs for 2013. The Kenny Brown GT-4 Series Mustangs are the fourth generation of Kenny Brown Mustangs whose DNA dates all the way back to the 1986-87 Saleen-R Mustangs that Kenny engineered, built and managed to four National Championships in endurance sports car racing.

Brown's first foray back into the Mustang market is the Kenny Brown GT-4 RS, a premium performance Mustang specifically designed as an ultimate track day car. It features his latest AGS 4.0 Advanced Geometry Suspension system, which is the “secret sauce” in its incredible handling and confidence-inspiring driving characteristics. Also featured are a plethora of high-end performance options including custom engine and transmission upgrades, matched with massive brakes, ultra lightweight wheels combined with a host of other high tech upgrades.

Be sure to stop by the Dynapack Dynamometer exhibit located in Booth #20671 and check out the latest in automotive dyno technology and the awesome new Kenny Brown GT-4RS Mustang.

About Kenny Brown – Kenny Brown, a 25 year veteran in the Mustang performance aftermarket, is legendary for building some of the most technically advanced Ford Mustangs in North America. His critically-acclaimed AGS (Advanced Geometry Suspension) high performance suspension components for street and track-day Mustangs are some of the best and most innovative in the aftermarket. Kenny is a well-known celebrity in the Ford aftermarket and has played a critical role in Mustang racing heritage and new product development since 1986.

About Dynapack Dynamometers -- The Modular Design of the Dynapack Dynamometer lends itself to many application's providing cost effective solution's to engineers, tuners, product developers, OEM's, and aftermarket manufacturers. Dynapack is a complete solution for all aftermarket applications where alternative parts and tuning methods are utilized to enhance vehicle performance and fuel economy. The high standards and intense focus of Dynapack engineers has created the most sought after dynamometer on the market today and is chosen by those who want no nonsense performance and reliability for their company and their customers.