PQ Series High Performance LS Series Water Pumps


PRW Industries expands to their line of LS series water pumps by adding pumps for the Generation III & IV LS based engines used in Sport Utility vehicles, trucks and SUV’s. These pumps are manufactured with the heater hose inlet on the top of the pump. This eliminates the need for custom heater hose plumbing, allowing for a smooth and easy installation. The low pressure-injected, aluminum alloy pump bodies are complemented by a precision cast-iron impeller design and pressure-balanced water passages to equalize flow and minimize engine hot spots at any speed. Other features include steel hubs for corrosion resistance and heavy duty 0.750” shafts, and shielded-sealed roller ball bearings The pumps feature an 8-hole billet hub and are available with or without the necessary 83 mm water pump pulley. The pump bodies are available in as-cast or polished, and can be combined with the polished clear coat or black anodized pulley. This is the perfect performance upgrade to any Generation III & IV cooling system. For more information, contact:

PRW (714) 792-1000 or www.PRW-USA.com


Reverse rotation serpentine system
Low pressure-injected aluminum pump bodies
Precision cast-iron impeller design
Shielded-sealed roller ball bearings
Available in as-cast or polished finish
Pulleys available in as-cast or polished finish
Top mounted heater hose inlet